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      WHO WE ARE

      Established in 2016, CMMC was jointly invested and founded by Chongqing Materials Research Institute ( CMRI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd ), China Machinery Industrial Products Co.,Ltd (CMIPC), and Jiangyin Nangong Forging Co., Ltd (Nangong Forging). CMRI is a professional and authoritative comprehensive research institute of functional materials in China, which has accumulated over 50 years of research, development and innovation in the fields of metal functional materials and products, precious metal materials and products and refractory metal materials. CMIPC has strong capital, strong manufacturing capacity of various metal products and equipment, and diversified sales platforms at home and abroad. Nangong Forging is specialized in special steel making, forging, heat treatment and machining, in which it has a considerable scale of comprehensive production capacity.


      With main smelting and remelting equipment imported from CONSARC, including Vacuum Induction Melting furnace (VIM, 50KG x 1 set, 500KG x 1 set, 3000KG x 1 set), Inert Gas Protective Electric Slag Remelting furnace (IG-ESR, 5MT x 1 set, 10MT x 2 sets), and Vacuum Arc Remelting furnace (VAR, 1500KG x 1 set, 10MT x 1 set), now CMMC has an annual production capacity of 3000 metric tons of various specialty alloy material and products. With a investing plan of more than 30 million U.S.Dollars in the future 5 years, CMMC will focus its strength in research, development and innovation of specialty alloys material and products including superalloys, corrosion resistant alloys, precision alloys, refractory alloys, rare and precious alloys, etc. Its products covers forgings, bars, tubulars, plates, sheets, strips, rods, precision fine wires, target materials, etc. CMMC aspires to become an internationally renowned supplier and leading brand of key materials for high-end equipment and core components in the application fields of aerospace, clean energy, petroleum, chemical engineering, marine engineering, medical, food and automobile, etc.


      Create super value for customers by prominent services

      Drive the development of special alloy materials by R&D and innovation

      Lead the market with special products and high-quality products

      Create our well-known brand by corporate culture