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      Corrosion resistant alloy

      █ The iron-nickel base corrosion resistant alloys 
      The iron-nickel base corrosion resistant alloys produced by our company has 300 series stainless steel 304, 316L, 317L etc, which has common atmospheric or seawater corrosion resistance; Austenitic stainless steel 904L, 254SMo4 with strong corrosion resistance; Dual-phase steel 2205, 2507 etc; Corrosion resistant alloy 20 containing Cu etc.

      █ Ni-based corrosion resistant alloys 
      Ni-based corrosion resistant alloys are mainly Hastelloy and Ni-Cu alloys. Due to the fact that Ni is a face-centered cubic structure, the crystallographic stability enables it to hold more alloy elements than fe, such as Cr, Mo etc,so that the ability to resist various kinds of environmental corrosion can be achieved. At the same time, nickel itself has a certain corrosion resistance, especially against the stress corrosion induced by chloride ions. In the environment of strong reductive corrosion, complex mixed acid environment, and solution containing halogen ions, the Ni-base corrosion resistant alloy represented by Hastelloy has an absolute advantage over the Fe-based stainless steel.

      █ Products: forging, bar, wire, plate, strip, tube  

      █ Conventional grades